Obedience Training


Gypsy, owned by Dee Harrison, has earned recognition in obedience, conformation and agility in three countries:  Canada, US and Bermuda.  Her titles are:
Can/Am/Bda Ch; U-Ch, U-CDX; MOTCH Skansen's Greylog Wanderlust Am UD, RA; BDA CD, NA; CGN, RN-MCL 
  Gypsy (above) and her owner are a wonderful example (to us all), of just what can be accomplished after your basic training is completed.  Generally once a title is earned, you receive a certificate (or get it updated) from the governing kennel club authority in each country.  Here is an explanation of all of Gypsy's impressive titles:
  • Can/Am/Bda Ch. = Canadian/American/Bermuda Conformation Champion
  • U-Ch = United Kennel Club Conformation Champion
  • U-CDX = United Kennel Club Companion Dog Excellent (obedience)
  • MOTCH = Master Obedience Trial Champion
  • Skansen's Greylog Wanderlust (Gypsy's registered name at birth, of course)
  • Am UD = American Utility Dog (Obedience)
  • RA = Rally Advanced (American Kennel Club)
  • BDA CD = Bermuda Companion Dog (Obedience)
  • NA = Novice Agility (Bermuda)
  • CGN = Canine Good Neighbour (for more info. on test criteria, see http://www.cka.ca)
  • RN-MCL = Rally Novice - Magnum Cum Laude, which means scores over 190), issued by CARO, or Canadian Association of Rally Obedience.

Your Standard Schnauzer and You

If you ever do experience behaviour problems of some sort with your standard schnauzer, the best thing to do is to always contact your breeder or your professional trainer for advice. 

Standard schnauzers are a highly intelligent breed and they need to know that you are in charge.  Training is encouraged for standard schnauzers and their owners -  particularly for their owners who have never been exposed before to obedience classes.  If you have not attended obedience classes in a long time, you may want to brush up on your skills.  Training should always be a fun and a bonding experience for you and your standard schnauzer.   

There are also many wonderful "above and beyond" obedience activities (as opposed to obedience training) that you may wish to do with your standard schnauzer as they excel at many various types of fun activities too.  The "dog with a human brain" thrives on learning new things and new challenges!  They also benefit greatly from the socialization aspects that these activities also provide. 

From time to time, we may post helpful links or articles here on the general subject of training.

Often, urban centers have a volunteer organization of some sort that provides a referral service for dog trainers in your specific area of town.


Rally-0 Obedience.  Andrea Ferguson-Jones and Harley


How to Find a Trainer

The Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada does not endorse any specific trainers or referral organizations but we may post information for you to make your own decision.  Your breeder may be helpful in letting you know of any trainers who are experienced with the standard schnauzer specifically (many have no experience with them) - but ultimately it is of course - your own decision.  Any specific trainers that may be listed here in the future must have experience with training of standard schnauzers specifically.

First, check out our activities page for ideas on various other types of activities, IE activities that are above and beyond just the basic obedience training, that you can do with your standard schnauzer.  You may also try the yellow pages for your area to find classes on various activities in your area.  It is also a good idea to check with your breeder who may be aware of activities in your area that you can do, or perhaps your breeder can refer you to someone in your area that can help.

We are hoping to add more information in this section in the future.  If you know of any organization in your city that performs a referral service for dog activities and/or obedience training, please contact the webmaster for possible inclusion here in the future.  It would be appreciated if you included the web site information. 

Name & Contact Information Type of Activity Location Organization's Function
Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers, www.cadf.ca Training & dog schools in  the different areas of Calgary. Calgary Referral service for training classes.
Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers - www.cappdt.ca Training schools in different parts of Canada. Canada Referral service for training classes. 
RALLYO - Rally Obedience for all Dogs.  Site is of the US Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Training classes in various parts of Canada. Canada Referral for RALLYO training classes.


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