Titles for the Standard Schnauzer 

Title Description CKC Official & Governed Events Events  Recognized (but not governed) by CKC Events for Other Titles  Comments

Performance Placement Titles

BIS Best in Show     CKC  Awarded to the dog judged best at a conformation show.
BISS Best in Specialty Show     CKC  Awarded to the dog judged best at a specialty (single breed or group) show.
BPIS Best Puppy in Show     CKC  Awarded to the puppy awarded best at a conformation show.
HIT High in Trial     CKC  The dog that performs best at an obedience trial.
Temperament Tests
CGC Canine Good Citizen     AKC program.  A series of tests to determine if a dog is well trained and obedient in public.  (A requirement for most dog therapy programs)
CGN Canine Good Neighbour     A CKC program to identify and reward responsible, caring owners and their canine companions.  There is a 12 step test.
TT Temperament Test     American Temperament Test Society, Inc.www.atts.org The dog must pass certain tests that indicate it has a stable temperament.
  Therapy Dog     St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program www.sja.ca
AgN Agility Dog Novice     CKC
AgI Agility Dog Intermediate (AgN required)     CKC
AgX Agility Dog Excellent (AgI required)     CKC
AgMX Agility Master (AgX required)     Agility Association of Canada www.aac.ca
PCD Pre-Companion Dog, Obedience     CKC
CD Companion Dog, Obedience     CKC
CDI Companion Dog, Intermediate     CKC
CDX Companion Dog, Excellent Obedience     CKC
UD Utility Dog, Obedience     CKC
OTCh Obedience Trial Champion (CD, CDX and UD required)     CKC
OTChX Obedience Trial Champion Excellent     CKC
MOTCh Master Obedience Trial Champion     CKC
GMOTCh Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion     CKC
Ch Champion, Conformation     CKC
Ch (Alt) Champion (Altered), Conformation     CKC
HT Herding Tested     CKC
HS Herding Started (HT required)     CKC
HI Herding Intermediate (HS required)     CKC
HA Herding Advanced (HI required)     CKC
SD Sled Dog     CKC
SDX Sled Dog Excellent (SD required)     CKC
SDU Sled Dog Unlimited (SD and SDX required)     CKC
TD Tracking Dog, Tracking Test     CKC
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent (TD required)     CKC
Urban Tracking Title To be available soon     CKC
DD Draft Dog, Hauling Test      
DDX Draft Dog Excellent, Hauling Test    
FbD Flyball Dog      
FdDCH Flyball Dog Champion (FbD required)      
BH Schutzhund, companion/temperament test      
AD Schutzhund, endurance test (BH required)      
FH Schutzhund, tracking test (BH required)      
IPO International Schutzhund (Levels I, II, III).  (BH required)      
SchH Schutzhund (Levels I, II, III).  Obedience, tracking and protection tests.      
WH Schutzhund Watch Dog Test (BH required)      
SHD Scent Hurdle Dog.  Scent discrimination, hurdle race.      
SHDX Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent (SHD required)      
SHCh Scent Hurdle Dog Champion (SHD and SHDX required)      


This list is not warranted to be "up to the minute" current, nor is it warranted to be "entirely" complete.  For the most current and complete information, you can check with your breeder or consult with the Canadian Kennel Club.  If you are not a primary member of the CKC, chances are that your breeder is and may therefore be able to obtain a more complete list for you from the CKC web site.
This is a fairly good selection of available titles which has been edited to exclude CKC titles that are only applicable to certain other specified breeds.  This page is formatted to enable easy black and white printing.  For errors or omissions, please contact the webmaster.

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