Juno and Hugo.  Courtesy of Lori Elvin, Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers, Grafton ON

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Standard Schnauzer Club of America   Our American counterparts!  Our visitors from the United States may wish to view this site.      




Standard Schnauzer Discussion List  

Credits to Remporter Kennels in Australia for starting this e-mail group list.  It is the premiere standard schnauzer e-mail list.  The beauty of this list is that, if you are very clever, you can search any key word from the subject title of all of the e-mails! Do join, this is really worth your while.  This is a very active list.

There is also a section in the "Files" section of their web site that outlines how to tape puppy's natural ears, as well as how to tape cropped ears on a puppy [Printer-friendly PDF version] from our own site.  See if you need the free Adobe Reader to view this file.




Dober Dawn


There are ways (you actually do have options) for doing dog nails.  Proponents of the nail grinding method will tell you that their dogs actually fall asleep when you are doing this.  Regardless, this site is definitely worth your while to at least check out.

If you are interested in the grinding method, be sure to print out a *colour copy* for best reference.  It's very easy to learn. The author of the Dober Dawn web site asks that no one reproduces her content, it is just for your personal use.

Canadian Kennel Club   Say no more.  It is always interesting to visit this site for the latest in news.      



Dogs in Canada   This magazine's web site is great to check out.  The contact for SSCC members wishing to submit an article from SSCC would be our President, please refer to our club info page for contact details.      
     This site is full of beautiful photographs by Lori Elvin and Brooke Thomas  of various dogs.  You must see this site.      

See also the breeders directory (link is below) for home pages of SSCC club breeders

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