Health Issues

Known Health Issues

The standard schnauzer is a robust dog and the breed has been in existence for more than 300 years.  Standard schnauzer breeders are a relatively small but sincerely dedicated group who continually work on addressing any health issues or other genetic breed issues.

You may also refer to the club's Constitution [Printer-friendly PDF version] for information on Breeders' Ethics as related to breeding practices, or contact any of the breeders on our Breeder's Directory page for more specific information on health of the standard schnauzer.  Breeders are very knowledgeable in this area.

We are fortunate that the standard schnauzer is above average with regard to having relatively few health problems when compared to most other dog breeds.  This is due mostly to the good  work of breeders who continue to be diligent on checking the health of their breeding stock.

It is important that breeder diligence continues so as to avoid genetic problems from ever becoming widespread or rampant in the standard schnauzer. 

Problems that show up in other dog breeds can also show up in the standard schnauzer so it is important to have your standard schnauzer scheduled for an annual visit to your veterinarian.

Generally an annual health examination and shots will be all that is required.  Please also see  our activities section for more information on attending various health clinics that may be offered in your area. 

The standard schnauzer lives to an average of 13 to 16 years.

From time to time, we hope to post articles or more links on this subject.  This is a very new section of our web site, so please check back often.


Health Articles


Subject Description   Publishing Organization/Contact Information
Hip dysplasia OFA database statistics, check here for the most current information.   Orthopedic Foundation for Animals,
Canine eye health Web site has lots of information on eye health, and information on upcoming eye health clinics or local contacts for more information.   Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)

If you know of any reputable organizations or authors that have published information that may be relevant to health of the standard schnauzer, please contact Beth Lawrence for possible posting here in the future.  It would be appreciated if you included the web site information or the entire article. 


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