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Helpful Schnauzer Grooming Web Sites

Britmor Schnauzers, articles written by Karen Brittan (site sometimes does not work well, keep trying as it is worth your while).  
  • How to Hand Strip a Coat
  • How to Roll a Coat
  • Clippering your Schnauzer
Dober Dawn  
  • How to Grind Nails using a Dremel tool, with wonderful "how to" pictures in colour.
Ear Taping (Cropped or natural ears)    
Grooming Equipment Suppliers   For finding specialty grooming equipment such as stripping combs, that are not often found in  retail pet stores.  These firms ship to all parts of Canada.  You can try:  
Grooming, General Information (Methods and/or equipment)

You should do your own research, if you search for "stripping terrier coats" you will get quite a list.

Standard Schnauzer Club of America  
  • Excellent information on grooming at this site.
  • You may purchase materials on grooming, IE a grooming video, the llustrated standard, grooming guide etc.
  • You may also even purchase a standard schnauzer calendar!

If you know of any very good links for schnauzer grooming information, please send them to the webmaster.

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