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On July 10, 2010 we held a Draw to raise funds for our National Specialty. We managed to raise almost $300 to help defray the cost of this event. Prizes were generously donated by SSCC members Cecilia and Del Hersey and included a lovely framed pen and ink SS piece won by Gaston Ouellette, a Royal Doulton SS won by Mary Davies and a hand painted SS on a 'flap' purse won by Trevor Gilbert.

The other items pictured were part of our Dinner Ticket Draw. The two Wine and Glasses gift packs were donated by Mary Lou Day of Wine Worx in London, Ontario and the Specialty Logo Bottle of Wine was donated by Nick and Wilma Gibson. Prizes were won by members attending the dinner.



Tri-Schnauzer Specialty 2006 - Quilt Raffle!

This wonderful quilt is about 40 inches wide by 45 inches long, background is a lovely soft mauve colour and suitable for a lap quilt or for a wall hanging. The several 'Logo' patches were created by LeAnn Shank while others were machine appliqued and hand quilted (over 80 hours of work) by Beth Lawrence.

Funds raised were for the 2006 Tri Schnauzer National Specialties. Each of the three clubs, Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers were allowed to keep the proceeds of the tickets they sold to their members. SSCC's share of the profit was just over $300.

Winning ticket was drawn on July 8, 2006 and the winner was Gail Wilford, a Mini owner in Argyle, Manitoba.


Tula Fundraiser

The Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada is a little club...with a great big .

The Tula fundraiser is is an example where the SSCC quickly took action when a standard schnauzer named Tula was terribly injured in an unfortunate accident. Many of the injuries involved major loss of skin, took many weeks to heal and there was a chance she would require skin grafts. She may also require some physiotherapy. All this was going to cost thousands of dollars in treatment, including a specialist in Vancouver. Which her family living on a small island off the coast of Vancouver Island could ill afford.

   The 'Standard Schnauzer' community took action immediately with ideas flying back and forth by phone and e-mail. Line Champagne (Maritime Director for the SSCC) donated a beautiful wooden wreath and we decided to hold a draw - in a quick and organized effort to provide financial assistance to the veterinary care of one young standard schnauzer that was in a lot of need.
The SSCC contacted all its members, and non-member standard schnauzer owners were contacted by Breeders. News of the draw went out on the schnauzer list too. Tickets were sent via e-mail and available on this site..
The draw was held on Dec 19, 2005  (made by an independent party) and was won by Ken Blair in Medicine Hat, Alberta. All those who purchased tickets were notified via e-mail as to the winner. The Wreath was sent via courier to the lucky winner and he received it in time to hang it on his door for the Christmas season.
All proceeds for the draw were made payable to a special fund at North Island Veterinary Hospital in Port Hardy, British Columbia for Tula's treatment.

TULA UPDATE: Tula made a remarkable recovery. The Club published the detailed story of her recovery dating from the accident Nov 20, 2005 to Feb 28, 2006. As of that date she was doing well with all but a small area healed. Tula did require some surgery to remove a small chip near her elbow but other than a small limp her mobility is very good.

Today Tula is a happy, healthy girl able to keep up to her 'sister' Poppy. Her owners are forever grateful to the SS community for coming to her aid.


Tri Schnauzer Logo Contest

In mid 2005 the search was on for an exciting NEW logo for our 2006 National Tri-Schnauzer Specialty.  Celebrating the National Specialties for Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers. The logo was to represent all three breeds and needed to be of a design that can be used for items such as T-shirts, mugs etc. A prize was offered for the winning design with the entry deadline of Dec. 31, 2005.

The winner was Tracy Riley,  a member of the Giant Schnauzer Club. Honourable mention went to the two other entries, both  from the SSCC,  Louise Joyal of Montreal QC and to Rebekka Ulatowski of Powell River, BC.  All three designs were well done and very professional looking. The final decision (not an easy one), was made by the Directors of all three clubs. 

Here is the winning logo that Tracy submitted.

We would like to thank all those that submitted.  From time to time, the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada holds various contests.  For details, be sure to check back often!


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