Who Are We?

Lia, Breeze and Tempe Having Fun - Photo Courtesy Line and Michel Champagne

SSCC History

The club originated in 1987 as the Standard Schnauzer Club of Eastern Canada, at the time there was also a small, dedicated group of Schnauzer owners in the western half of the country known as the Standard Schnauzer Club of Western Canada.

The goal of the club at that time was to focus on breed improvement, the sharing of information, to support each other in friendly competition and to raise the breeds profile, among other things.  For more information, see our Constitution [Printer-friendly PDF version]. 

As a regional club a newsletter was put together, several matches, fun days and seminars took place and in November 1990, the clubs first Regional Specialty was held.

In 1993 the Club received recognition from the Canadian Kennel Club to become a national breed club known as the Standard Schnauzer Club of  Canada.  There is also a branch of the club located in the west, the SSCC - Western Division which holds regional events in BC and Alberta.  For more information, contact Heather Pedersen, e-mail:  sschnzer@telus.net

The clubs main focus is to:

  • Unite standard schnauzer owners across our large geographical landscape

  • Offer support and breed related information to fellow standard schnauzer owners

  • Provide a means for conformation and versatility competition.  We hold an annual national conformation specialty event and have supported entries/boosters for conformation and obedience (and agility when it is available).

  • Educate the public

  • From time to time, to update the Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard.

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Club Executive 2021-2023


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  Did you know...that to be a Director of our club, you must also be a member of the Canadian Kennel Club.


Our Club Logo 

The official Standard Schnauzer logo (SSCC) was created and designed by Mr. Fenwick Bonnell.  His gracious contribution to the club (formerly SSCEC and then now to SSCC) is most gratefully acknowledged.


Ray is taking a much needed break from playing with the pups.  Looks like he's safe - for now?!          
Ch Steinhaus Hell Raiser CD - Photo Courtesy of Heather Pedersen, Steinhaus SS, Surrey BC

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