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Some of the main goals of the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada are to:

  • Offer support and breed related information to fellow standard schnauzer owners
  • Provide a means for conformation and versatility competition
  • From time to time, update the Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard
  • Educate the public
  • Unite standard schnauzers, right across Canada

The Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada has a Constitution [Printer-friendly PDF version] that has been approved by the Canadian Kennel Club.

The constitution outlines goals of the club, it governs how the club is run, it outlines the types of memberships available and it also includes Breeders Guidelines, amongst other things.  You may need the free Adobe Reader to view this file, which is available at


Fun Day - Held in Camrose Alberta 2004 - Organized by Linda Carter
Photo courtesy of Linda Carter


The Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada sponsors many events (even schnauzer "Fun Days") that you may wish to participate in, and you will receive a lot of valuable information that is published in the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada's official newsletter, which is named DER Sch'NEWS. 

Some of our breeders participate in the club's Puppy Buyer Program which for a small fee that is paid by the breeder, their new puppy buyers receive two complimentary issues of our newsletter along with an invitation to join the club. 
This is a terrific way for families that are new to the standard schnauzer breed to feel more of being a part of our extended standard schnauzer family!  Ask your breeder if they participate in this program.

Der Sch'News (Official Newsletter) is published four times per every membership year and it is offered free of charge to members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada.

The newsletter offers members a chance to keep in touch with their fellow standard schnauzer members across the country.  The newsletter contains an amazing array of valuable information about your standard schnauzer.  Included are articles on:
  • Health
  • Grooming
  • Obedience
  • Agility
  • Updates on upcoming activities
  • Conformation, IE showing your standard schnauzer
  • Other topics of interest to standard schnauzer owners
  • Members' comments, their stories, standard schnauzer experiences and photos
Examples of Member's Photographs that are Shared       (See our Photo Gallery for more)
"Crazy Schnauzer"
 Photo courtesy of Lori Elvin, Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers, Grafton ON
Photo courtesy of Ron & Beth Lawrence, Schattentier Standard Schnauzers
Schnauzer Dog Sled (or should we say "Schnauzer Sch-led)?
Photo courtesy of Ron & Beth Lawrence, Schattentier Standard Schnauzers
Photo courtesy of Ron & Beth Lawrence, Schattentier Standard Schnauzers
Photo courtesy Ron & Beth Lawrence, Schattentier Standard Schnauzers
One Day Old Standard Schnauzer Pups
Photo courtesy of Beth Lawrence, Schattentier Standard Schnauzers
Each and every member, whether you are a breeder or not, can even actively contribute to the newsletter (hence you can then brag that you are now a "published" writer).  All SSCC members are invited to share news, brags, and photos of their favourite standard schnauzer.  These items are included into the This 'N That section of DER Sch'News.
If you have any questions regarding membership or pertaining to the newsletter, please contact Beth Lawrence at
Stay tuned and be sure to visit this page often - because in the near future, we are planning to post up a sample of the newsletter for you to take a peek at!

  So...what are you waiting for?

Join our club...Today.  Keep informed and connected in the standard schnauzer community!


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